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Tuesday May 27

Meeting with inspiring Shrine Patient Spencer and his support team while discovering Campbellton and it's beauties. 


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The day began bright and early with a breakfast at Campbellton's Shrine temple where Spencer's mother, Colleen, gave a touching testimonial of Spencer's experience with the Shriners Hospital for Children-Canada. All of this was made possible with the help of the Luxor Shriner's involvement with its community and supporting children like Spencer. It is for exceptional children like Spencer that the Odyssey is taking place! 

The FezMobile then drove up to Sugarloaf Senior High School where Spencer studies to meet with the students. As the Luxor Shriners gave out freebies and information about the new Shriners Hospital-Canada, we chatted with such inspiring young teens. 

Spencer's classmates support him by including him in activities at the school, such as drag racing. Spencer is really happy to be part of the drag racing team. We met with the whole crew and the student council who made a generous donation to the campaign.

We were touched by the Campbellton community and its passionnate teens at Sugarloaf Senior High School, and inspired by Spencer's exceptional abilities. Way to go! 


Look for the red Ford Explorer dressed like a Shriners' fez, tasel and all. We're hard to miss. Drop by to say hi! We look forward to meeting you. You can even slap a bumper sticker on the car. 

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