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Saturday, June 7


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Free Community BBQ

The sun was shining, big puffy clouds dotted the sky, the geese were waddling about and kites were gliding through the sky. It was a picture perfect day for a BBQ down by the river with the S.D. and G  Karnak Shrine Club of Cornwall, Ontario.  Shriners grilled up and party goers gobbled down tasty burgers and dogs.  Over in the Mega Brands area, kids played in the shade letting their imaginations run wild as they built flying saucers, space age cars and towering buildings with the brightly coloured Mega Bloks. The Mega Bloks Shriners Little Buddy was also a best seller. Kids and adults alike were drawn to the smiling Shriner sitting in his little red  convertible car.

A big thank you to Mayor Bob Kilger and Mayor Eric Duncan and representatives Guy Lauzon and Jim McDonell for dropping by to say share a few words of support. Also, a grateful thanks to former Shrine patients Alyssa MacLeod, Miss Canada International, Ellery Maloney, past owner of Miller Hughes Ford and the families of current Shrine patients Charlie and Wyatt for reminding us all of the vital role the Shriners Hospital for Children®-Canada and the Shriners Fraternity play in the lives of so many children from across the continent.

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