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St. Andrews

New Brunswick



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Saturday May 31

What a day in St. Andrews!


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What a day in St. Andrews, NB. The weather was gorgeous and when you drove into town you could smell the salty ocean air. The Exceptional Care Odyssey FezMobile and the Luxor Shriners were invited by Lesley, David and Anna O’Leary to a parade along Water Street to the grand opening of the

St. Andrews Community Playground. Residents from far and wide helped finance and build this amazing park in which children, no matter their physical or intellectual abilities can play. We congratulate everyone for there dedication. Meet David and Shriner patient Anna in this heartwarming father and daughter video.

After the parade the Odyssey crew walked along picturesque Water Street to have lunch by the harbor (fish and chips…what else). We also scored some homemade fudge at a gift shop. Then the Exceptional Care Odyssey hit the road for a long trek to Concord, New Hampshire for a visit with the Bektash Shrine on Sunday, June 1. Our daring videographer Catherine jumped out at the Canada-US border to take a photo of the FezMobile crossing the 49th parallel. 

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