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We’ll be stopping in Craigellachie

British Columbia



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Sunday, July 13



We’ll be making a quick stop in Craigellachie to take a photo at the Last Spike. 

We leave Alberta in the morning after stopping at the Canada Olympic Park for the FezMobile Key Exchange between the Gizeh (BC) and Al Azhar (AB) Shriners. The Park was the host of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Canada, and the facilities are still used and open to the public all year round.

We then head out into Beautiful British Columbia. And beautiful it is. With the marvellous Rockies, and the tall trees, we are breathtaken. As we drive along the Transcanadian Highway, we follow the path of the TransCanadian Railway as well.

Hence, we stop in Craigellachie, where we get to see where the last spike was erected, in 1885, completing the railway from one ocean to another. As we take the photo with the local Shriners, we also get to see the Care Cruise bus, which transports Shrine patients to the hospital in total comfort. Way to go Gizeh Shriners!

We then take the road again and spend the night in Kelowna. 

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